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Dr. G

A Transformational Life Coach Who Truly Cares

"Where do you want to be three years from now?
What steps can you take to get started?
What's stopping you?
What are you willing to do to make it a reality?
How can I help you move forward?

Destiny is calling... Let's answer it together."

— Dr. G

Reach out to Dr. G to take the first step toward the life you dream about.

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Empowerment Network International
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As the president of Empowerment Network International (ENI), Dr. G's vision is to equip individuals with knowledge and practical solutions through life coaching and leadership development. Contact Dr. G to learn more.

Individual & Group Coaching

Beyond counseling, mentoring, and consulting, Dr. G's coaching activates you to connect passion, purpose, and potential.

Motivational &
Inspirational Speaking

Dr. G conducts workshops, seminars, and conferences in which she inspires participants with practical, life-changing insights in the marketplace. She has spent over three decades sharing God's Word through her teaching ministry.


It's time to invest in yourself and your organization. Take the first step toward your transformation by reaching out to Dr. G today.

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Based in Metropolitan Atlanta
Travels Nationwide for Conferences

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